About Us

Mom Life 24/7 was founded by a mom, for moms!  As a proud mother of two young boys, I created Mom Life 24/7 because I wanted the world to know that I AM A MOM, and I AM PROUD; and because I yearned for a way to tell moms around me that ‘I am a mom, too!’  I understand what you’re going through, and I’m here if you need me.  

Just as important, I wanted to create a brand that represented motherhood for what it truly is.  Not just an experience of joy, but also an exhausting and often messy job - full of many highs, and many lows.  We love our children more than anything in the world… but sometimes we just want to lock ourselves in the bathroom for a moment of peace.  I want you to know that those feelings are normal, and something we should celebrate and laugh about!

I hope you find something here that speaks for you!  Whether you’re a working mom, stay at home mom, a step mom, or a surrogate mom, our goal is to give you a voice.  If not, we are always looking for new ideas and we would love to hear yours!

We are a small, family-owned company, based in Fort Collins, CO.  We use an outside company to fulfill all of our orders (because operating out of my basement didn’t seem practical), but for the most part we are a “One woman show.”  Our primary hours of operation vary based on nap times, school schedules and family meals, so email is likely the best way to reach us!